I am pleased to announce the launch of my new line of fabric and accessories called which will carry on the proud tradition of quality and craftsmanship you have always expected from my family. The new trademark, which joins the CXIII and Dominique France lines, is a reverse letter Q originally drawn by Leonardo daVinci, it is the first letter of the name of Quinto Cerruti and one of my middle names. Quinto Cerruti was a silk weaver from the town of Cerruti in Piemonte, Italy and for over 630 years we have proudly produced the highest quality fabrics and accessories. The touch of Leo Cerruti. Yesterday, today, and always, Leo Cerruti designs neckwear, textiles, and accessories that transcend time. Elegance, fashion, and technology blend to assure you that every design by Leo Cerruti carries with it a guarantee that you are buying the very best available.

We have embarked on an ambitious project to license the Dominique France trademark in many product categories. We have begun with what we know best, men's neckwear. Several years of planning have gone into the concept and design of the newest Dominique France necktie. Only the finest materials are used, only the best and most experienced craftsmen and designers have been allowed to participate in this project. We will never compromise nor take any shortcuts in order to save a few dollars here and there.

The Dominique France necktie is made from materials gathered from around the globe but hand crafted in the United States. It is an American product and will show off American craftsmanship.

The man who buys a Dominique France necktie is someone who appreciates quality and luxury. The Dominique France necktie is not inexpensive but it is not overpriced. The client purchasing a Dominique France necktie will never feel he has overpaid, only that he has just purchased the finest necktie in the world.

The Dominique France necktie customer is fiercely loyal and any licensee coming on board will soon appreciate this fact.

Leo Cerruti



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Men's neckwear and accessories as well as related products such as dress and sport shirts, small leather items, etc.


Printed and woven silk fabrics for men's neckwear, woven Lycra stretch fabrics for women's swimwear, lingerie, and sportswear.

This website is dedicated to the memory of
Leo Eugene Cerruti
January 12, 1905 ~ October 21, 1997

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